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How To Make The Most of Hooray! Computer

  • Consider this less as a public forum like Twitter and more like you’re hanging out with your friends in your back yard.
  • New to Mastodon and how to get comfy here? Ask @josh!
  • It’s easy to pick up and go to another server if you like the vibe there better. All your connections go with you!
    • You’ll be welcomed back if you leave, unless we ban you for violating the rules.
  • Post your art, your photos, and cute things. We want to see that stuff! But: please use alt tags so everyone can enjoy what you post.

Community Rules

  • You're free to say what you like, but we're also free to show you the door if you're being an asshole. Best to be kind.
  • Most content is fine here as long as it isn’t racist, illegal, or bigoted. You will be banned.
  • We love to celebrate what you do, but we aren't an audience to market to.
  • Don't crosspost all of your conversations and retweets from the bird site here.
  • Invite a few people you’d like to see here, as long as they aren’t Elon.