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Hey Frontend People! @SaraSoueidan opened pre-orders for her course "Practical Accessibility" today.

This will undoubtedly be a master class in how to build accessible products, and it's still 25% off!

One thing that I find missing from iOS or android mastodon apps is the ability to view other server peeps following or followers. Im looking for fellow friends and these seem limited to the server you are on. The browser version at least helps.

@josh whoa! Get ready for some chills! Preemptive feel better.

@amyhoy just spend 5 minutes doing a something in the project or that will help (organize, setup, etc). It may lead to long time or start to focus on it.

Trundle aka meow meow lounging in his cat pod. He may look innocent but he's definitely a morning dood.

Classic. First real post and a few grammar challenges. 🤣

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What you see here are posts about coffee, cats, tech, and mountain adventures. I cant wait for to ride the snow this year!

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