My cool dog Charlie 

Trying out some tattoos, one glows in the dark! Charlie is concerned that I have snakes on my arm.

I didn’t think encouragement could get this weird, but I’m glad to know we’re still pushing those limits.

I have a sweet potato pie every year as a way to remember my grandmother. It was her signature dish. 😌 It’s also incredible. Divine, even.

And I will go to my grave telling anyone who will listen that even the most aggressively average sweet potato pie is better than the best pumpkin pie.

Am I alone?

Thing I’m very thankful for: this week, after six months, over 200 applications, 100 interviews, and one ghosting after receiving an offer, a couple breakdowns, I landed my next role as director of design!

This job search and hiring market has been the most ridiculous and grueling of my career.

For every one of you who recommended me for a role, looked over a presentation, sent good wishes, or just cheered me on, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gun violence related art 

Here’s a collage inspired by Plato’s Cave and current events.

And here’s what happens when a watch that I’m working on explodes. I just attach it to the skull. 😊

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Some photos that I took in Muir Woods with an infrared filter. I love the sense of peace I get from that place.

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